(warning actual surgery photos and Video)


Bunny's C-section 12-21-10








Ryleigh Jo's C-Section

March 12, 2010


Ryleigh Jo just before surgery 


 Animal Care Group Staff In Action


 Puppies still inside uterus.



 Dr. Burkhart making incision to remove puppies.


 Puppies!!!!!  Lots of Puppies


 Ryleigh Jo in recovery.




 RJ meeting her puppy for first time.




These are photos taken of Cheerio's C-section early Halloween Morning. 

 Warning: These are photos of actual surgery. 

Cheerio waiting for her C-section.

Cheerio after sedation.

Dr. Burkhart makes initial incision.


Cherrio's uterus is pulled through the incision. 

Ready to deliver babies!

Babies just after delivery, taking their first breaths.

Dr. Burkhart and Diane closing the C-section.

Puppies about one hour old.

Our brave girl recovering from surgery.