Sweet~N~Lo Bulldogs

Ownership Criteria and Code of Ethics
1.          Our goal is to place our bulldog puppies in the best possible homes we can find.   Our screening process includes phone interviews or if possible meeting in person. 
2.           Do not contact us if you fit into any of the following groups:  Wholesale Agencies, Pet Stores, Brokers, Frat Houses, or Breeders deemed as Puppy Mills!   
3.           Bulldogs' health is adversely affected by climate conditions. Heat, cold, high humidity or lack of humidity can have ill effects and even cause the untimely death of a bulldog.  We sell our bulldog puppies to responsible homeowners whose intent is to keep their bulldog inside as a house pet and treat it as part of the family. Yearly veterinarian visits and vaccinations, as well as, preventive medications, flea and tick treatments,  and good grooming practices, as well as, proper training are part of being a responsible bulldog owner.
4.         All persons purchasing puppies must live a lifestyle that would agree with the Bulldog - Leaving a dog alone (especially an English Bulldog) for several days is not acceptable. Purchasing an English Bulldog solely for the sake of breeding (not loving) is not acceptable.
5.         Lastly, if at any time, any of our customers feel they cannot adequately care for their bulldog, we ask that they contact us and arrange for the return of the bulldog to us.
Our Bulldog Puppies range in price according to overall quality and parentage. Prices begin at $3500. For the cost of a  puppy shown on the available puppy, please call or email.   Pricing will be determined by sex, show potential and the specific origin of the AKC champion linage the puppy comes . All prices are firm and non negotiable. We do accept deposits and monthly payments on future puppies. In other words, you cannot take a puppy home without payment in full. Please see our Deposit and Payment page.  Pricing is quoted by phone and sometimes posted by the puppies photo.  Please email requesting a phone call for individual prices for puppies. 
The minimum deposit is $500.00 for puppies priced $2500 and under and a minimum deposit of $800 is required to hold a puppy over $2500. Deposits are not refundable for any reason from the buyers perspective.  The full deposit will be returned for any of the following reasons - 1) the puppy cannot be sold due to serious illness or death. 2) The seller decides not to sell the puppy, as it is determined that the welfare of the puppy would be best served if remained with the breeder. 3) If seller for any other legitimate reason decides not to sell the puppy to buyer.
We do not accept personal checks! We accept cash, cashiers checks, and Visa/Mastercard via credit card terminal or square reader. If you speak to us and you agree to purchase the puppy, you must agree to pay the respective deposit amount.  This can be done in person or by using Pay Pal.  (Please see our Deposits and Payments page).  We will place the puppy on reserve for a 24 hour period pending your payment.  If we do not receive the deposit within the 24 hrs, the puppy goes back up for sale. Full payment of the puppy is due when the puppy reaches 8 weeks.  The puppy will be released to the new owner when such time passes that it is deemed safe for the puppy to leave our care as determined by us and our vet.
We prefer not to ship our puppies. However, if buyer lives to far too away to personally pick up their puppy we can arrange delivery to their nearest major airport (pending weather). All shipping and handling costs are paid by the buyer. Please contact us for details. sweetnlobulldogs@gmail.com
You are more than welcome to call or Email us for directions and an appointment time to view the puppies and parents. Please be patient and understanding as the care of the puppies is very time consuming especially in the first few weeks of life. Precise care and an optimal healthy environment must be maintained to ensure that the puppies mature into healthy adults. Please to do not ask us to jeopardize the lives of these babies. There will be plenty of bonding time later on.   Please respect our family and do not just drop in. 
We do not import puppies. All of our puppies are AKC registerable from Champion bloodlines and from some of the best bloodlines in the world. We have a very selective breeding program, and are always trying to improve the breed. Our puppies are raised in our home, and socialized by us. We take great pride in our work, and do our utmost to provide our clients with a positive experience. All of our dogs are considered family members. They are not breeding machines. The health and happiness of our dogs is of first importance. 
We do not import. Our puppies are raised in our home and are well socialized and given the best health care and nutrition available. We have a selective breeding program and do not breed any of our dogs until they reach a minimum 18 months of age. Health Guarantee and Vaccination Record: (All puppies are vaccinated 6 wks and 8 wks of age) records will be given to the new owners.