Sweet~N~Lo Bulldogs Studs

We have serveral gorgeous Sires to choose from.

All of our sires are proven producers. 

Let us help you pick the perfect match for your female.

Stud fees range from $500-$1800.

Our Boys have unmatched temperament, health and looks! 

 We deliver our male to your vet within a 100 mile radius of Nashville, TN!  Fresh semen available for shipping.


Zeus is a complete package.  He is as healthy at 8 years old as he was at 2. 

Zeus is a top producing Sire!                                          

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World Class, perfection, teddy bear....are all  words we have heard describing Brio.

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Riddick  is Awesome times 3.       

Awesome confirmation

Awesome Disposition  

Awesome Health         

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Wrecks has produced some of our most beautiful puppies and they all seem to have his charming attitude.

                                  Wrecks is as bully as they get.  He is powerful and massive. 

                                       Loves being the center of attention and makes sure that he is!

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